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1946 Ford Super Deluxe Station Wagon

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As affiliate partners with Ebay, we are pleased to offer you a wealth of interesting articles on European classic cars written by some of the most informed & authoritative writers on the subject.

This blog is devoted to American classic car articles and covers a multitude of subjects and cars, we do hope you enjoy them!!

Ford Model A Convertible

Ford Model A Convertible

This car was recently listed on Ebay & is a great example of an affordable classic that is easy to restore on a budget with readily available new & used parts.

1958 Packard 58L

The Last Packard: 1958 Packard 58L

Only 675 of this model were produced in the last year of business for Packard, with quirky styling this is one to look out for in the future.

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Hot Rod Art

Hot-Rod Flames

One of the enduring manifestations of hot rod art, this article traces the origins of this popular art form.

1932 Ford Roadster

Robert McGee started the trend in 1947 when he recorded 112mph on a salt lake run.

The Stanmobile

It Took 32 Classic Cars to Build This Car!!

Called the Stanmobile by its builder this car was up for sale on Ebay a while ago. Can you identify all the parts?

1950 Buick Roadmaster

An Old  1950 Buick Roadmaster? - Looks Can Deceive!!

Resto Mods as they are commonly known are more popular than ever, this one was on the market for $375,000.

1975 AMC Gremlin Levi's Edition

What Do Jeeps, Gremlins, and Beetles Have in Common?

No clues here, if you haven't guessed it, read on........

This modified 1951 COE has four doors, providing a generous cabin for passengers.

Classic Cab-Over-Engine Trucks

First appearing in the 1930's these trucks are now highly sought after to provide the case for an edgy restoration.

The Reactor

American 1960s Fantasy Cars at Pebble Beach

The 60's were a time of design innovation with evermore fantastic looking space age vehicles being built. Look at a selection of these amazing cars.

1965 Ford Mustang

Four Things To Know About Ford Mustang History

Jimmy Dinsmore, the Cincinnati-based auto writer who is currently co-authoring a book on Mustang history reveals a few things you should know about this iconic car.

1961 Corvette C1

This 1961 Corvette blew its engine in 1980, the owner finally got around to fixing it more than 30 years later.

1935 Graham Blue Streak

Rare 1935 Graham Blue Streak Discovered 54 Years Ago 

Bought for $500 - now listed for $250,000!!.........

Chevrolet Corvette C3

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1948 Lincoln Continental Convertible

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